Honeymoon Highlights

We spent the last three days of our trip in picturesque Porto, Portugal’s largest northern city and the port capital of the world (get it? Port-o!)  After visiting the oldest still-functioning university in Europe (and quite possibly the world – it was founded in the 13th century), Michael and I drove through Agueda before reaching our destination.  I had an inkling (thanks to Pinterest) of what we might find there, and was SO pleased when reality proved to be even cuter than I imagined!




Seriously, how adorable is this street?!  Agueda is a very small Portuguese town we never would have visited otherwise, since it is not a major city or in any tourist guides, but thanks to the magical world wide web I stumbled across pictures of this sweet little umbrella street before our trip and made a mental note not to leave the country without visiting it for myself.  Not only does it feel like a little wonderland walking down the quaint paths and listening to 5-piece bands performing along the way, it is actually incredibly functional as well since the umbrellas protect the town’s inhabitants from the summer heat.  Double win!

After Agueda we drove further north to The Yeatman, our final hotel for the trip.  While we knew our stay there was going to be beautiful (thank you so much to our Honeyfund friends who helped make it possible!), we did NOT expect to be knocked off our feet as we were by the stunning views.




Is this real life?  Porto was simply the most incredible cityscape I have ever seen.  Not to mention the hotel itself – the epitome of luxury if I’ve ever experienced it.  They even had Caudalie products in the bathroom – my favorite!  (as anyone who knows me can attest that I carry around their Beauty Elixir mist with me wherever I go).  Upon settling into our final destination, Michael and I decided to spend the last few days of our honeymoon in total relaxation – and spent the entire day by the infinity pool, where I took full advantage of the landscape for my bathing suit photo op:




I have featured this stunning Mara Hoffman one-piece before, I think in a post from last Memorial Day, but it is such a fun abstract print and style that it’s worth showing off again. A gift from my husband (then boyfriend!), this suit is one of my very favorites – however a word of caution to anyone pining for a geometrically-cut one-piece: USE SUNBLOCK. THOROUGHLY.  The last time I wore this I used the kind of SPF that comes in a spray, and it happened to be a very blustery day which meant the sunblock went everywhere except on my person.  Let’s just say I ended up with less than desirable tan lines and was the laughing stock of the pool for the remainder of that trip.  Having learned my lesson however I felt a bit better about wearing it this time around, and made sure to reapply lotion throughout the day.

Oh, and my cover-up is new! I bought this before our trip, and wore it with practically every suit.  I got it on sale at Bloomingdale’s.

The rest of these photos are from the two dinners we enjoyed while in Porto.  The first night I went for Parisien-chic (my fave, obviously) with the white midi skirt I wore on one of our first nights out and a black and white striped scoop-back top.   For our final night I dressed it up a bit and wore this gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana inspired dress (seriously the fabric is EXACTLY the same as the dress that went down the runway for their S/S 2013 show Look 3 – it’s crazy how much I paid for mine).  I ordered the dress from Sheinside and had it altered once I received it, shortening the hem and making a V in the front and beck for a more feminine style.  This dress made its first debut at Michael’s and my rehearsal dinner over our wedding weekend, but I am so in love with the colors and couldn’t wait to wear it again!







And that’s all she wrote folks – well, about her honeymoon anyway.  Coming up I’ll be shifting gears quite a bit as the next life adventure is less than two weeks away – our big move to London!!  We still have so much to do and figure out, but hopefully I’ll be able to share my experiences here with you so that anyone else going through a major move to a new country can follow my advice (or at the very least, avoid all the mistakes I’ll be sure to make).

Happy Monday!



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