Falling Back into Style

Sometimes the world moves so quickly it seems as if the days and nights just blend together, in one continuous and fluid stream of activity.  That is how my life felt this summer.

First, there was Summer Solstice – the party that represents everything we love about the season of sun: warm weather, fruity drinks, colorful dresses, good friends, and unequivocal dance moves.



Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 12.49.29 AM

Then, my mother and I took a girls’ trip to NYC to visit my very stylish sister, who was living it up in the big city as an intern at Henri Bendel.  Check out her seriously cute blog here!





After an amazing weekend of shopping, theater-going, and grown-up girl bonding time, it was off to Block Island for the 4th of July!



But to my surprise, there was much more to celebrate than just America’s independence (not that that isn’t important…)




Yes that’s right, I’m getting married!! After 7 years of dating bliss, Michael decided he just couldn’t live without me (and I him).  And so on July 6th of 2013, he took me to my grandparents’ dock and asked me to be his wife.  I of course said yes :)

Between trips to the wedding venue and a ladies’ weekend in Nantucket with my bests, July was gone before it came and August was soon in full swing.  My family and I spent some time in warmer waters for the first part of the month, brushing up on our scuba skills and becoming one with the ocean.



I don’t know why I ever left.

The weekend we came home Michael and I moved out of our respective apartments and into one that we both live in – a prospect that overwhelmed both of us a bit at first (I have way too many shoes, he never throws anything away) – but at the end of the day there is no one I’d rather come home to.  Our house has taken quite a bit of time to get set up and we still don’t have art on the walls or a proper office space, so I’ll spare you the ugly photos.  One thing I am proud to show you however is our coffee table – which we made ourselves!




Isn’t she gorgeous? We made her out of two pieces of garbage.  And by that I mean I was leaving my old apartment one day and found a stack of wooden pallets near our dumpster, two in near-perfect condition.  This was so ironic because my sister was just telling me about pallet furniture and how she wanted to make a headboard for her new room at school, and then I found these pallets!  Though I didn’t need a headboard (I prefer the tufted variety) I was in a desperate search for a new, old-looking reclaimed coffee table.  So I recruited my new roommate for our first symbiotic living challenge: DIYing the only table surface we have in the apartment.  He was game, and about two weeks later (and a lot of splinters) – voila!

Alright, so that pretty much brings us up to today.  Throw in my first bridal gown try-on, a fall fashion shopping excursion (more on that later), and a trip to San Antonio for an absolutely fabulous engagement party hosted by Michael’s parents, and you’ve just experienced my whole summer, all wrapped up in one little post.  Not too shabby upon reflection, but I will say it left much to be desired on the blog front.  Which is why this fall feels like my New Year’s – a fresh start, a new adventure, and many exciting opportunities await.  Not to mention – Fall Fashion Week in both Paris and Boston.  I will be covering some very special events this weekend and next, and can’t wait to share them all with you!

A bientôt mes petites!

Alors, qu'est-ce que tu penses?